I like PGP and I secure everything I can with it. If you would like to send me encrypted files, emails or anything of that sort, you came to the right page.

Get the key


sq wkd get marko@korhonen.cc


gpg --locate-keys marko@korhonen.cc


I have setup a profile at Keyoxide which has all of the information about my key. It also serves as proof of ownership to many of my online accounts.


I also have a WKD (Web Key Directory) server setup so supported clients should be able to automatically import my key based on my email address marko@korhonen.cc

Update 2022-08-28: new key

I have decided to change my old RSA key to ed25519. I have signed the new key with my old key if you wish to verify cryptographically that the new key belongs to me (given that you believed that my old key belonged to me to begin with 😉). Revocation certificate for the old key is available at here.

On a related note, I can wholeheartedly recommend changing to ed25519 to anyone. It is supposedly more secure than RSA but to my surprise, it is many times faster too. With my old key it used to take 2-3 seconds to decrypt a password from my password manager. Now, it’s practically instant.